About us
Direct buying of bulk compound feeds through our established buying group
can offer livestock farmers substantial cost benefits. With the extremely unfavourable
trading conditions within the Agricultural industry at present farmers are experiencing a severe reduction in their income. They have little power or influence on the price of their
outputs and therefore the only way to try and safeguard their income is to reduce their
costs. By combining their individual requirements, members of the group are able to
significantly increase their buying power enabling them to obtain substantial discounts
on their inputs.

The Progressive Farmers Buying Group has been established for over seventeen years to serve the needs of dairy, beef and sheep farmers covering a large geographical area encompassing Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Wales. It was established and run by Mr Alf Evans a farmers son with some 30 years experience in the Compound Feed Industry as Nutritionist and as a director of various Feed companies.

Group Objective
To purchase bulk compound dairy, cattle and sheep feeds made to our own high
specification at a favourable price. By combining their individual feed tonnages
members of the group are able to increase their buying power and consequently
obtain substantial discounts for their bulk feed requirements. In addition, members
gain vital information regarding the composition of their purchased feeds making
their feed planning more accurate. Suppliers are able to offer these discounts due to
the removal of selling costs involved with normal feed sales.

Who is eligible to join
Any livestock farmer who takes compound feeds in bulk (Minimum 5 tonne loads) and
agrees to keep details of all group deals confidential and pay on time. (Different terms
available to suit differing requirements).

Main Benefits of Group Buying

  • Greater buying power.

  • Feed Quality: Our own dairy feed specifications on a "fixed formulation" basis.

  • Full disclosure of ingredients and traceability of feeds.

  • Less costly duplication of time and effort.

  • Get free independent nutritional advice.

  • All feeds are audited for quality.

  • No group fees payable by members.

  • No cash handled by the group, each member pays suppliers directly which
    reduces financial risk.

  • Same price for all members.

  • No reps.

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